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Kate S

Thank you again for arranging Amy to come over and take care of our little one! She was on time, very personable and got along great with Jackson! I especially loved the bag of toys and games (age appropriate). Gave me some good ideas of what to get him myself. I will definitely recommend your services to friends of ours, as we live in Denver!

Jan 2016

“Taylor was the best. Gisele could not wait every day for her to arrive”

Jan 2016

Maya B

Cole was fabulous!! Very professional, great with Alex and our son really liked him! I can't speak highly enough of him! This was the second time ever, in his entire life, that we left Alex with a sitter, and the first time while traveling, directly from an agency and not on a reference, so my husband and I are making huge progress in letting go, as much ad Alex is making a huge progress hanging out with a sitter (we left him the first time kicking and screaming!!). Having said that, I think two nights was a bit ambitious for us and decided to take it slowly. Certainly, we will come back, as we love Vail, and will make sure to reach out to you again.

Feb 2016

“Taylor was patient, kind, funny and engaging. We would highly recommend her.”

Jan 2016

Rob R

Just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you that Samantha was fantastic. All of our kids loved her. Thanks again!

Feb 2016

Joe K

Jacqueline did a great job thanks!

Apr 2016

Alex B

Ryan, thanks for the last minute adjustment to help me on Saturday. Kate was great and our son, Oliver like her quite a lot. Your customer service in making last minute adjustments due to one of your babysitter's feeling ill was impressive.

Mar 2016

Isabel P

Millie had a wonderful time with Baneza today. She was very happy when we got home and we really appreciate your working so hard to find a sitter for us on short notice. We will certainly use your services again if we're in the area. Thank you!

Mar 2016

Margaret M

I'm finally getting a chance to let you know how great Savannah was with my kids last weekend. She was the perfect temperament for my 5 and 3 year old. She was really even tempered and patient yet also fun. She rolled with the variables of "will he or won't he nap and what to do in each case" and she handled super slow food delivery really well with the kids. She even told them a story at bedtime, and they were asleep before she finished. Magical! All of the other people at the wedding who had sitters raved about theirs too. We all felt our kids were in great hands.

Sept 2015

Jake H

I just wanted to let you know that Pam was amazing. Her personality made us comfortable with her immediately. She was on time or early every day and always touched base with us. She was great with the baby. She was very cool to us. Bottom line, she was the best case scenario for leaving your baby with someone.

Aug 2015

Mallory L

I was part of the group on Saturday night who trusted their kiddos with Ali Gulick and just want to say how appreciative I am of her calm, wonderful care. My mom was the other adult there with Ali, and she said that Ali couldn't have been more helpful or great with the kids. Ali entered a chaotic scene (four couples leaving four babies behind) and maintained her cool the entire time. We were very thankful for her professionalism and expertise. Ali's a keeper, for sure! Thanks to Ali, and to you, for enabling us to have a night away from the little ones!

Aug 2015

Mary A

Thank you so much for sending Tim last night to stay with our son! He was exactly what we were looking for in a babysitter.. Not really babysitter as our son is almost 6... but a great pal to hang out with instead of going to a boring wedding reception. They ice skated, ate pizza, played baseball and swam. The first thing John said this morning when he woke up was "when can we come back so Tim can play again?" A sure sign that he was the prefect choice for our very active little man. I would love to add a review but lost the business card in the process of getting out of the hotel.

Aug 2015


I were staying in Beaver Creek back in July and my kids woke up with a high fever the day we had booked a sitter. We contacted the company that morning and thankfully they were able to rebook the sitter with another family, but I was still charged $40 for canceling. Asked for the fee to be waived as a courtesy but they would not grant it. No plans of using this company again knowing they were able to rebook the sitter and still charged me the fee. Care 4 Kids I'm sorry you were dissatisfied with our resolution to your last minute cancelation. Our cancelation policy for 13+ years has been 48 hours. This would have been a charge of $127.72 for a cancelation. As a courtesy we took off 68% because we could rebook the sitter. With out a cancelation policy we would have received zero compensation for the time spent entering your request in to our system, communicating with sitters to scheduling the best sitter for you, typing out an email confirmation, attaching the sitter Bio and inputing the completed details in our system and then having to reverse it all. We actually lost revenue because the fee kept was less than if we had booked a different sitter with the new family and earned our regular agency fee. We have the most customer friendly booking process as we do not take a nonrefundable deposit to even begin the process like some of our competition who charge $50. We let customers cancel with zero fee out side of 48 hours for regular reservations. I'm sorry to hear you will not choose Care 4 Kids again but I hope you understand and will reconsider after shopping around. Thank you. KRS Was really hoping for a courtesy waive since you did rebook the sitter and I notified you early in the morning when my kid woke up with a high fever. I sure will NOT be contacting you next time, and will make my friends that do go Beaver Creek/Vail area will be made aware of the situation so they don’t use your business. Interesting how my testimonial was not posted on your website… obviously only the good things…Have a great day. Care 4 Kids Sorry you were not satisfied with our resolution. We pay a third party web maintenance company to upload our testimonials. As a small business we only do this peirodically. Your comments were posted like all the others. Again, sorry you were not satisfied with our resolution. All the best.

Aug 2015

Sheridan P

Kristina was over the top wonderful! I appreciated the quick response to my request for a sitter. She was professional and fun and super trustworthy. Wouldn't change a thing. Wish y'all were in Houston!

Aug 2015

Emily S

Ryan - wanted to let you know that Pam was absolutely great this past weekend!!

Aug 2015

Merry E

Brittany was a wonderful sitter and such a nice young lady! We are so happy she will be with Woodford tomorrow . Thank you

Jul 2015

Anne S

I didn't realize that Emerald had sat for us last summer. She is really lovely, and I understand that Dash loved Emerald as well. Please also add her to our request list when Tim is not available. You do such a great job screening your sitters. It's one of the nice things about coming here year after year is that I don't need to worry about finding good childcare.

Jul 2015

Claire B

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Brittany was. She made my trip worry free and would recommend to anyone. Thx!!

Jun 2015

Brittney J

I just wanted to thank you for your services while we were in CO last weekend. Cindy was excellent and did a great job babysitting our babies:) She arrived on time, was very friendly and was very sweet with our kids!

Apr 2015

Leslie N

Thank you! Cindy was fantastic.

Jun 2015

Carolyn D

We had a a great experience with your service. I was apprehensive leaving my boys with someone I had not met. Stephanie, however, put me at ease right away. She came equipped with a "bag of tricks". My boys loved playing the game Sorry~we now own the game! She took them on a walk down to the local park and showed them the Avon rec. center. We actually spent part of the day on Sunday at the rec center water park! The boys loved it.

Mar 2015

Sam B

Thank you so much for everything this week. We had a great trip to Vail and your sitters were all super sweet. We'll be in touch for next years visit!

Mar 2015

Joe P

I wanted to drop you a quick thank you for providing such a wonderful nanny for our children last week. The kids really enjoyed Nicole and already miss her. We were certainly nervous prior to using your service, however in the future we will be much more relaxed knowing people like Nicole are on your team. We will definitely be calling you on our next visit to Vail and will recommend your services to our friends and colleagues that also head out to Vail in the future.

Jan 2013

Jeff G

Hey Ryan – thanks so much for your help, Sarah was great the kids loved her, and we got in some really nice skiing! Really appreciate it!

Jan 2015


Thank you so much for the amazing service. Not only did you accommodate us last minute which was a lifesaver but our sitter who we pre-booked was a dream! The kids could not stop raving about Tim and kept saying he was so much fun. We have children from 5-10 years old and they were all equally happy. He was lovely and I highly recommend him.

Jan 2015

Paola G

Thanks so much for Brenda! We love her!!!!!

Dec 2014

Lydia F

Thank you for all of your help this week! We loved all of our sitters and our daughter really loved Cindy! We will definitely be in touch the next time we are in Vail. Have a happy new year! All the best, Lydia

Dec 2014

Emily W

Thank you for checking in with me. Ali was wonderful, Curtis seemed very happy when we picked him up. Ali was sweet, caring, helpful and all in all, a great baby sitter. We would definitely hire her again. Thank you for your services we were able to enjoy a great day of skiing and our son was able to hang out and play.

Dec 2013

Jodi C

Emerald was wonderful, and we would definitely have her back again! She made us feel confident that Graeme was in good hands, and listened attentively while I gave instructions. She was very sweet in all of her interactions, and flexible with us regarding our return time. She kept us updated via text message to let us know that Graeme was asleep, which gave us peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy the rest of the evening. It was fun for me to see the experience from the parents' perspective after being on the other side in the past! Overall, the whole experience was so easy. Booking was a breeze, and then this great sitter magically showed up at our hotel room! You guys have a great thing going, so don't change a thing!

Dec 2014

Kristen C

I was actually going to send you a note, she was great! I would absolutely have her again, she was super personable with my husband and I and she was great with our boys! We gave her money to take them for pizza in the village and then arcade games after in the hotel. Once they were finished they went back to the room and she played games with them. We would totally use her and your service again, we've never been able to go to the mountains and have a date and a ski weekend with the kids all in one, it was great!

Dec 2014

Carolyn M

Stephanie was great and thanks!

Dec 2014

Stephanie G

Hi Ryan, Ivanna was great! She was very professional, and our kids loved her. We'd definitely use her again if we're ever in the area. Thanks very much to you, your agency and Ivanna for easing my anxieties about getting a hotel babysitter! Please tell Ivanna we thought she was terrific.

Sept 2014

Mandye B

Hello Ryan! Cannot thank you enough for sending Stephanie to care for the boys last night. She was lovely and the boys had such a wonderful time in her care! We will absolutely refer your service to friends and we hope to head back up to Vail this season and request Stephanie again! Thanks again!

Sept 2014

Lauren F

I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed having Betsey as our babysitter while we were in Vail/Beaver Creek. She was great and I hope she is still working for you next summer!

Aug 2014

Patrick W

Ryan, thanks so much! The video is cool, you guys really have it together. We had read thru your site, but seeing the video and Cindy's profile are extra reassuring.

Aug 2014

Blair W

Suzanne was great. Both of my kids really like her. I would definitely have her back! I have no suggestions for improvement.

Aug 2014

Cristina C

Savannah is a gem. Her initiative and pleasant demeanor definitely cause her stand out. We would most certainly request her again.

Jul 2014

Ana Z

I just wanted to say thank you to you for the lovely experience we had working with the three sitters you provided us. Cindy, Brenda, and Betsy were all lovely, extremely professional, and quickly made us feel like we were leaving our children in good hands. Both nights we got back to calm, sleeping kids who had nothing but good things to report about their time with the babysitters the next morning. all three ladies were so kind and complimentary about our children and made us feel like they really enjoyed the time they spent with the kids. Working with a new babysitter can be such a stressful experience and we were so pleasantly surprised by how easy all three caregivers made it and how quickly they put us at ease.

Jul 2014

Magali B

Danielle was a very nice nanny so thank you and see you next year!

Jun 2014

Emily L

Everything was wonderful. Elise was a delight. Thank you!!!

Jul 2014

Rachel B

Thanks so much for offering quality childcare for children of all needs! Logan had a fun time with Colleen on July 5 and even asked, "Can Colleen play today?" when he woke up the following morning. He showed me what they drew/colored together and which books they read. We were very comfortable leaving Logan in Colleen's care that evening.

Jul 2014

Jayme M

Thanks for setting us up with Patricia last night. She was very sweet with our daughter.

Jul 2014

Kaila C

The babysitting went great!!! Isaac did really well! Before Amy got to our hotel I got Isaac really excited about it letting him know that Amy was coming to play with him! Once she got there he was really excited and they started playing well together! She did great with him! It was very hard to leave him the first with someone other then our parents but Amy made me feel very comfortable with it seeing how good she was with him! I'm very happy with the whole situation! Thanks again,

Jun 2014


Amy was great! The kids loved her, she was very sweet to them, even brought them some little plastic animals that they liked. I’d definitely request Amy if we need a sitter in Vail again. I can’t think of anything you need to do to improve.

May 2014

Michelle R

I just wanted the opportunity to tell you what a great job Heather did. She went above and beyond a typical babysitter…my daughter was excited for her to come back for the second night! We have used Care4Kids several times while in Vail, and Heather has been our best sitter yet (and we have had all good experiences).

Mar 2015

Jennifer R

She was just wonderful. (Philippa) Our kids loved her! I felt that she was very reasonable and super friendly. I would use her again , and will request her if she is working in Vail when we visit next year. I would recommend your service to friends. Thanks so much!

Mar 2014

Melissa B

The night was perfect, I couldn't have asked for anything more! All the parents said the sitters were fabulous, especially Cindy. My nephew who is very shy took to her immediately. Thank you for sending such great ladies :)

Apr 2014

Lauren M

We just returned home from Vail and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed Cindy. Paloma was so comfortable with her and Cindy was great about checking in with us during her stays.Thank you for your help and we will definitely recommend your service. Hope to see Cindy next year!

Mar 2014

Tanya O

She was great! When we are in Vail, I would definitely request her. Thanks!

Mar 2014

Lee M

Thanks Ryan. Danielle was great - the kids really liked her.

Mar 2014

Maren H

Both Sue and Stephanie were great! Stephanie was great with baby Mae. Sue came with bags of toys and the big kids jumped right into them. We don't travel to vail/ beaver creek often but will definitely call you again when we do.

Mar 2014

Donna W

I have been wanting to pass on the lovely comment that Donna Warden said: She said that this was the sixth year she had used Care4Kids and has always had a good impression with our sitters. She said that you have always done a great job pairing your sitters with her children and she was pleased about that.

Mar 2014


I just wanted to say thank you for setting us up with Heather. She did a wonderful job watching our 4 year old son for three days. He was so excited to see Heather every day and wanted her to go outside and play. Also with her help he was able to ski on the magic carpet. I would recommend Heather and your service to anyone. Thanks again and hope to be back soon.

Mar 2014


The guest had nothing but wonderful things to say about the sitter!! They were so pleased. Thank you,

Mar 2014

Marty P

Wanted to let you know we were super happy with your services! Miles took to Melanie right away, she was fantastic. Heidi was delt a short hand (extremely tired kids out of their normal routine) and was a champ! The kids had fun with her. Obviously I would recommend you guys without hesitation and we plan on using care 4 kids on our next ski vacation.

Mar 2014

Marcy L

Yes we really enjoyed her! Our girls loved her and she was great! We would have her again to keep our girls.

Mar 2014

Tom Y

Ryan - she was great and the kids had a blast. Would definitely recommend her without hesitation. Thanks!

Mar 2014

Meg K

Thanks for following up. Both Lauren and Heather were good babysitters. They were timely and took fine care of baby Jane. I would happily have either sit again. Lauren did a particularly good job of taking notes on our baby's day, which we appreciated, since it helped us manage the time zone adjustment. Heather did some crafts with our 1-year-old, which the baby enjoyed, and she got Jane to warm up to her very quickly. Only (very minor) caveat is that Heather could have done a slightly better job of cleaning up the baby after eating; Jane had food smudges on her face and clothes when we got home. Thanks for coordinating two great sitters!

Mar 2014


Patricia was wonderful, just what we needed. Unfortunately we would like to cancel for Thursday night. Our issue is our 8-month old, who is still waking up very early--basically at 4am, the equivalent of her East Coast wake up time. Under these circumstances, my wife and I really just want the sleep, rather than the dinner out. Thanks for the service, which we will definitely use again on a return trip to Vail.

Mar 2014


She was amazing, wonderful, incredible. Our favorite since Megan. We want her next year! The kids loved her and our little one keeps asking for her. She was very sensible and proactive with the kids. A great person. We hope she stays. Thanks for everything as always Ryan. I'll make sure we are in touch early next year.

Mar 2014

Tiffany D

Lauren was great, the boys loved her. You definitely have quality sitters which we love. We'll be in touch next year!

Feb 2014

Tracy F

Erin was fabulous. The girls loved her and were so excited to see her each day.

Feb 2014


She was great! Really nice person. Thanks for recommending her.

Feb 2014


Thank you for setting up the babysitting for us last week. We were so glad that we went out on both the Monday and Wednesday nights. Both sitters on Monday night worked out well, and it was great to have Liz on both days. It turns out that one set of parents knows Liz's parents through their golf club. That was such a happy coincidence and it made us all really comfortable to go out and leave the kids. Also, your suggestion of having the sitters arrive earlier worked out really well. We needed the extra time to take the shuttles to Vail village.

Feb 2014

Anne G

Just wanted to let you know my family said Brittany was fantastic and the kids loved her. I am sure I will be back in touch when we return to Cordillera for the summer.

Feb 2014

Stephanie H

Hi Ryan- just wanted let you know that Erin was wonderful. Just really lovely and sweet and Sam loved her. (My older one as expected just stayed on his computer). Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

Feb 2014


Thanks again for all your help. The feedback was that Jerrica was fantastic!

Feb 2014

Colleen L

Tim was great! My kids really took to him and were excited to see him the second night. We have already passed on your service and his name to a friend that goes out there often. Thanks so much for your help.

Feb 2014


Everything went great, Ryan. Yes, I would have him again. I'm not in Vail a whole lot with my son, but next time we go, I'll certainly request him. Everything went great. I appreciate you reaching out.

Feb 2014

Shannon F

About Cindy, She is fabulous. A "merry poppins" for baby sitting and my first ever time leaving my children with someone!! Cindy also so very much appreciates how you treat her on your team! She has respect for you guys and I think she genuinely enjoyed our kids! Cindy called me to let me know how things were going, and she got both children to sleep! ( getting a 3.5 year old to sleep can be challenging simultaneously with a 20 month old - and Cindy did it!) We look forward to having her back tomorrow! We brought train tracks and she left her set for William to enjoy until tomorrow. That is just a special treat for them.

Feb 2014

Holly R

She was awesome. Kids loved her. We would def use her again if we come up again. She came ready & started interacting with the kids right away. She was great.

Jan 2014

Will B

Stephanie looked after our two girls during out trip to Vail on two different occasions. The girls loved making arts and crafts with Stephanie and enjoyed her stories. We were very happy with every aspect of the care provided by Care 4 Kids and Stephanie. Thanks again!!

Jan 2014

Anna S

Good day, thanks. Jeanne seemed to be very competent and the kids were well taken care of. Yes, we'd have her back again. Thanks so much!

Jan 2014

Catherine G

Our ski trip to Vail was a huge success, largely because we had such a fun and professional sitter, Mackenzie. She was prompt, reliable, flexible, and our 3 year old was immediately comfortable with her. The service you provide is top notch, and we will certainly use you again the next time we are in Vail.

Jan 2014

Ben R

First, I want to thank you for helping us with such sort notice. With regards to Brenda, she was amazing!!! Honestly, Ryan... We've had quite a bit of nannies work for us, and I must tell you that Brenda is top notch. Not only was she very experienced with kids, she was thoughtful in many different ways. Brenda is top notch.

Dec 2013

Kate J

Suzanne was great thank you! If we needed someone we would definitely get her back. Thanks

Dec 2013

Paul T

Hey Ryan - Thanks for the great help! Both Ivonna and Stephenie were great. Mom had a good time!! Thanks! See you next time,

Dec 2013

Kelly L

We were in Vail over Christmas with our 2 and 4 year old boys. Brenda was amazingly great with them and helped us all week. She was very interactive with them and they responded to all her directions. We will definitely ask for Brenda again. Thank you so much Brenda!

Dec 2013

Ryan M

Stephanie was great. I'd have her back again; she had a good suggestion to walk my son around in his stroller while I left the room so he wouldn't notice and/or get upset. She was also flexible when we found out we had to be out of the room earlier than expected so overall I don't think there was much you could've improved.

Dec 2013

Laura L

We had a great time skiing. Brenda was amazing. Gabriela almost seemed upset that we came back, and I'm sure she had a great time playing and coloring with all the things that Brenda brought. Baby Sophia looked so relaxed when we arrived that I'm sure she had a good time too. Thank you so very much. If we come back to the area, will be sure to contact your agency again, and to request Brenda's services. Everything was perfect!

Dec 2013

Justin M

Sue was great. I would def have her back. I like that she brought her own toys for Lucie. We would use you again. Thanks,

Dec 2013

Tom R

Priscilla was great Ryan. We would certainly have her back. Thanks for all your help.

Dec 2013

Shannon B

Tatiana was wonderful! Thanks so much for following up. The kids adored her and she was both professional and warm towards us. We would definitely request her again!

Dec 2013

Marcus E

Hi Ryan. Emerald was fantastic!

Nov 2013

Judith T

Hi Ryan, thanks so much for following up. Ivonna was a dream come true! Not only did our kids have a great time but she managed to have them happy in bed by the time we got back. She was truly amazing. Thanks again!

Oct 2013

Anna D

Ivanna is great, we would absolutely use get again.

Oct 2013

Jay K

Thanks for reaching out. She was awesome and we were lucky to get her. We would definitely ask her back as a sitter. No other feedback, the hourly price seemed high but I don't know what the going rate is in Vail is only in I understand its different when its a company versus an individual babysitter.

Oct 2013

Austin T

Linda was absolutely amazing! Thank you!!

Sep 2013

Anne K

Merced was great! Thanks so much! She made us feel very comfortable leaving our 8 month old with her. She was so sweet to the baby. I wish she lived in St. Louis!!! If we ever come back to Vail we will give you guys a call.

Sep 2013

Melissa D

Everything was great. When were in Vail again we'll definitely call!

Aug 2013

Stacy K

Andrea was great and I would absolutely have her back again.

Aug 2013

Mona W

Thank you again for arranging a sitter on such short notice. Kate was great! My son loved her and everything worked out well.

Aug 2013

Kathy T

Linda was fantastic!!!! We loved her, and will definitely use her again!!! She was wonderful:) Thanks for everything!!

Aug 2013

Kelly R

Elana Selinger was great! My 3 kids really liked having her at the hotel. I highly recommend her!!!

Aug 2013

Dallas W

Andrea was absolutely fantastic as was your service as always. If something comes up and we need a sitter later next week, we'll give you a call.

Aug 2013

Zachary F

Thanks Ryan. And thanks to you and Amy for this week-- the kids loved her. Hope to make it out here again and will definitely reach out to you guys.

Jul 2013

Marisa H

The sitters were great, professional, I didn't have to worry about them at all! They handled the kids wonderfully, and it really allowed for the parents to have a great time.Thanks so much, I would love to recommend your business again and again, in the future.

Jun 2013

Anne W

I wanted to let you know, prior to our last session at Cheyenne Mountain Resort tonight, how impressed I have been with Care 4 Kids. Thank you for making it such a safe, fun, and positive experience for not only the children, but the staff as well. The commitment to the kids, the level of organization, the quality staff, the materials provided, and the overall experience has been top-notch.

Jun 2013

Daniel G

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help you gave us during our recent trip. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Apr 2013

Courtney C

Stephanie was great with my 4.5 month old baby boy. We look forward to requesting her again the next time we are in town.

Apr 2013

Gary H

I think we are done for the season up there--thanks for your help. We loved Sue again--just real pleasant and so easy to work with. A really great employee for you. Elana was also very sweet and Jeremy loved her (he has a thing for 20-something girls :) Thanks for all the help this season--not sure of our summer plans and the mtns but if we are up that way and need a sitter we will contact your team for sure!

Apr 2013

Regina M

Just to let you know we loved Ginny!

Mar 2013

Tiffany D

Hannah watched our 5 month old and 2.5 year old and did a fabulous job. She even brought her own puppet to help put our 2.5 year old to bed-he loved it. We felt very comfortable leaving her with our kids and will definitely be booking a sitter again on our next ski vacation. Our boys loved her too which is what really counts!

Apr 2013

Marie S

Andrea was beyond spectacular!!! We all hit it off instantly, and our kids loved her. She was wonderful! Thank you for everything.

Mar 2013


I just wanted to send a note of thanks for sending Shannon to us for two nights this past weekend. She was wonderful with our boys and we loved that she brought fun things for them to do. I was getting ready to leave and heard my 4 year old doing patterns with her, which was so great!

Feb 2013

Bill F

I was very pleased with the service she gave to my son. Hopefully, we will be back next year!

Feb 2013

Robbie K

Shannon and Cindy did a fantastic job for us this past weekend. We felt completely comfortable leaving our son with both of them, which allowed us to better enjoy our trip.

Feb 2013

Lindsey T

I recently used one of your babysitters for my son during our stay at the Ritz- Bachelor Gulch. You and I talked on the phone and you set us up with Betsey. I just wanted to write and let you know how incredibly pleased I was with Betsey. She was excellent. As soon as she called me I felt at ease leaving my son in her care. She was thorough and comforting on the phone, but little did I know how spectacular she would be in person. As it turned out, my husband brought our son back to the room from a wedding reception we were attending. Give that we are from Pennsylvania, the time change was really affecting our children. My husband met up with Betsey and then as he was getting our son, Asher, ready for bed, Asher got sick. We're pretty sure it was a combination of altitude sickness and exhaustion. Betsey was absolutely incredible. She called the hotel for clean up while my husband tended to Asher. She even spent time hair-drying his stuffed animal that he sleeps with because they had to wash it. She assured my husband that she had seen this before and stressed the importance of keeping Asher hydrated. My husband left Asher, asleep, with Betsey and returned to the reception. I texted her when I found out about him getting sick and her commitment to excellence and care for my son was made even more obvious. She let me know that she was checking on him every 30 minutes and that he was sleeping soundly. She immediately reassured me and I knew that he was in great hands. When we returned from the reception I found Betsey sitting in the dark bedroom close to Asher's crib. We were staying in a suite and I had told her she could bring things to do in the other room so that she wouldnt' waste her own evening. Instead, though, she sat in the room with Asher to make sure he was okay. I can't tell you how reassuring and incredible it was for me to see that she sacrificed beyond what was needed to keep my child safe and comfortable. She was gracious, helpful, and absolutely spectacular. You were right when you referred her to me and I am so grateful that she was available. Please use my recommendation for Betsey whenever you need it in the future and if there is anything I can do for her (or you) please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. We were beyond satisfied and blessed by the care we received and don't take lightly the energy, passion, and commitment Betsey put into the job. Thank you!

Jan 2013

Dawn Rogers

She did a wonderful job. Thanks. (Sitter Jean Marie)

Sara H.

Everyone you have sent thus far has been terrific. Thanks for providing us with such great care while in Vail. Will most likely be back late Sept/early Oct and for sure most/all of March. Will keep you posted.

Courtney Y.

Lauren watched our son Cole From 8am - 12pm - she was absolutely Fantastic and I loved having her!!

Saha H.

Hi Ryan,Just wanted to let you know that Shannon is the BEST babysitter we have ever had from any service anywhere we have stayed and we use lots of sitters! She really has been terrific! Thanks for hooking us up with her.

Jon Lewis

Hi Ryan,Just wanted to thank you again as your services made our vacation. Laura was incredible with our 2 year old and helped us with getting him on skis for the first time. I will certainly recommend your services to friends.

Ashley Harmon

Ryan,We had such a great experience, and as you know, leaving your kids is hard. You guys made it so easy. I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with Shannon last week. She did an amazing job with both kids, she is so high energy, entertaining, and good with kids. We can't recommend her highly enough. We ended up using her more hours than originally planned because she was so great. Thanks again,

Scott Gottlieb

Thanks for setting up Jeanmarie she was great please keep her name next to mine so when we book next year you can save her for us. Thanks.

Cathy Costello

We would Love to have Sadie again. Our daughter was very happy with her today. Thanks.

S. Caretto

We called Ryan with a last minute sitter request. He was able to fill our request with a woman named Sadie Young. She showed up early, connected with our 4 and 18 mo old within minutes of walking in the door. She played, fed and put them both to bed on our schedule with no issues. We loved her and would definitely use her again! Thanks Care 4 Kids!

Caroline Grainger

Dear Jamey, Many thanks for your lovely note. It was so sweet of you. It was a real pleasure meeting you too. Simon and I were so lucky to have you to look after our little Ines while we were discovering your beautiful country. It was the first time we were leaving Ines for more than 2 hours and you did an incredible job. Ines was so happy ever ytime she was seeing you and I had no problem at all to leave her with you as I knew she would have a great time and that you would give her all the attention and love that she needs. Thank you so much for your kindness and also for all the good tips! We have returned to London this morning after a long trip. It was hard to leave Beaver Creek yesterday afternoon. It was so sunny and amazingly beautiful! You are very lucky to leave there! I hope you had a chance to spend time with your family (your little Sydney looks so sweet and pretty!). Take care and maybe we'll have the chance to see you next year if we can come back. Best wishes.

Nancy Paige

Cindy Lewis has been sitting for our grandchildren for at least five years. They all love her! She is mature, creative and extremely competent. The children range in age from 2 1/2 to almost 8. The older ones go to ski school, but the night they stay with Cindy while the adults go to dinner is one of the highlights of their ski vacations.

Davila Giovanni

Everything has been great. We are very happy with the service and we will recommended to all our friends. Thanks!

Leslie M.

Andrea did amazing, we were happy with everything.

Kristen S.

Brittany was absolutely fantastic. I haven't left my 11 week old with anyone. After I was gone I didn't worry once about her. Brittany made the insanity of the weekend much easier.

Megan Klien

Cindy was fantastic. Kids loved her. Couldn't ask for a better sitter.

Jacqueline Wicks

She was phanominal. one of the best babysitters we have ever had. She was fantastic. We'll be up around Christmas, We'll call again.

Jennifer S.

Hannah was absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much.

Joanna Butler

Hi All at Care for Kids,
We had a fantastic experience with Megan from your agency last year. So much so that it was a big part of our decision to return to Beaver Creek again this year. Megan made it so easy for us as our kids looked forward more to their afternoons with her than to the actual skiing! Which made it very easy for us to enjoy our afternoons.guilt free!


Hi Ryan,
Ashley was great, my daughter was so upset she had to leave when I got back home.

Thanks and hope to use you guys again soon.

Stacey Kaufman

Hi Ryan, Leah was great with Brett!

Leah is VERY good with children and an extremely nice person. We wish she lived in Miami. We look forward to seeing her tonight,

Thank you,

Michael Woods

Ryan - Thank you for providing continued excellent service to our family. We can't thank you enough for providing Amber to care for our kids over the past several weeks. Amber treated our kids as her own and was absolutely amazing entertaining and caring for them. I highly, highly recommend Amber and we will use her and your service many times in the future.

Thanks again.

Barbara Aparicio

Thanks Ryan everything was great. We will be back in march, so I will be contacting you to make arrangements.

Alexander Reath

Ryan: Just a quick note to thank you for connecting us with Kate this past week in Vail. Kate is a phenominal sitter, with whom we left our 6 month old boy with her without any second thoughts. She was remarkably attentive to our son. She is very creative as far as the time she spent with him which refreshing. It was such a relief to have the same sitter the entire time (it was especially nice not to go over our sons routine everyday with a new sitter). We can't thank you enough for this service and for connecting us with Kate.

Runa Lundqvist

Thank you so much Brittany, you really made our vacation! We were two couples traveling to Vail Jan 14-18th with our children, Nora 10 months and Alex 12 months. Personally I have never had a babysitter for Nora before and was quite nervous leaving her for 5 hours (while we went skiing) each day, but Brittany did an absolutely fantastic job! She came to our hotelroom at "The Lodge at Vail" and babysat for 3 days and our kids loved her, that was obvious :-) The second day I was so relaxed in the slopes after the amazing job she had done the first day, Brittany is a keeper!

Thank you!

Christi Cashman

I just wanted to let you know that Megan was fantastic last week. Allison (our 7 month old) is just starting to be a bit leery of strangers, but she warmed up to Megan right away and never fussed at all when we left. It was so much easier to enjoy our time on the mountain when we knew she was in such good hands!

Gunnel Greenhagen

Ryan, This was a great babysitting experience. The attention to detail was terriffic. I cant thank Brittany ans Carrie enough for their loving care of our children.

We will be in touch, Thank you,

Jennifer Carter

Megan came today and kept our little girl Bradley and she was absolutely wonderful!!! Bradley loved her and did not even care if we left (which is very unusual) We really felt at ease all day knowing that she took to Megan so well.

Thanks so much for sending us Megan.

We hope Megan is here next time we come.


Kate O'Keefe

Just sending a quick note to thank you for all your help arranging a sitter for us this week. Carrie was fantastic, prompt and polite, and even brought some of her daughters' toys from home for Teddy to play with. We had a worry free morning on the mountain knowing Teddy was in very capable hands.

We'll definitely call you again.Thanks,

Linda Westerberg

Dear Ryan~ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for providing such ABOVE AND BEYOND services! Our sitter Andrea was OUTSTANDING~ responsible, reliable, friendly personality, brought her own FUN games to play with the children (they now want a set of dominos) and just simply made us feel 110% comfortable with having her in charge while we went out for dinner. I LOVE Care4Kids! This is the second year we've used your services and without fail, you ALWAYS call back FAST with confirmation and informative information on the sitter and it is CLEAR that the sitters you hire have been thoroughly screened, love kids, and represent the company as if it were there own.


Laura Richards

Hi Ryan Thank you so much for sending Megan to look after Sam last week at The Charter in Beaver Creek(Feb '10). The smile on our 11mth old's face when she arrived each morning said it all. Her professionalism delivered in a relaxed and cheery manner instilled confidence and allowed us a guilt-free and fabulous vacation! We will definitely use Care4Kids (and hopefully Megan) next time we are in the area.

Walker Herbold

Thank you for your services this past weekend. Linda was excellent - one of the babies had a terrible cold and she kept my baby from getting it - which takes true talent!! She made the weekend truly worry free.

Thank you again,

Ashleigh Aitken

Ryan- Thank you for Johanna on such short notice. She was really sweet, and the baby really liked her.


Brittany is the perfect sitter for our 15 month old. Our daughter adored her and was sad to see her go home. We can't wait to have her back!

Sean McDermott

Everything was perfect, our sitter was great.

Thank you


Hi Ryan,I just wanted to let you know that Kate is terrific!

Thank you,

Gina Strano-Mizhen

Thanks again for supplying us with such great sitters and being so accommodating.

Karen Stemmle & Julian Brandon

Hi Ryan - we're back home in Toronto now, but I wanted to thank you for setting up the babysitting for us while we were in Vail at the Marriott last week. Our 6 year old (Sydney) really enjoyed both Alex and Rebecca. They arrived on time and brought games and toys to play with which was great! We will be back for the same event next year and if we're bringing kids along we'll be in touch.

Thank you,

Kristina OHare

My daughter had Amy looking after her at the Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch in february and what a wonderful time they enjoyed together in the sun and snow and how lovely for me to go and enjoy a day on the slopes knowing she is in safe happy hands.

A big thank you and best wishes to you all.

Brynn Rail

Just wanted to say thanks again for setting me up with such an awesome babysitter and for dealing with our child care issues from Boston while your wife was in labor - You were unbelievably professional and cool under pressure :) And Brittany is really fabulous - my daughter had a great week with her!

Anyway, congrats on the birth of your daughter and THANKS AGAIN!!


Hi Ryan.I really want to thank you. It worked out really well with Kate. I know she is new with you guys but you guys always send us great people. She was really wonderful and totally clicked with the baby. Our friends could not believe how we just walked out without the baby crying or running after us. He was so happy to see her every time. She was so lovely.

Thanks so much. We'll talk to you soon.

Leigh L.

Dear Amy and Ryan,
I just wanted to thank you all for providing a wonderful babysitter to watch our two boys while we stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch last December. She was very sweet and arrived with a bag of toys and games to entertain the boys. We are planning another visit this December and will bringing another couple and their two boys. We definitely plan to use your company while we are there.

Thank you again for providing this wonderful service.

Dr. Doug and Eleanor Snyder

Hi Ryan,
Thanks again for caring for our son Samuel last week, when we were in Vail. Sammy seemed to have a great time with you, and we loved having time alone together to go horseback riding. We commented on your excellent care in a feedback e-mail to the Vail Plaza Hotel and Club, and we suggested that they have a link to Care 4 Kids on their web-site.

We would definitely use Care 4 Kids again in the future.


Hi Ryan,
Just to thank you for yesterday's sitters, Vanessa and Valentina! They were wonderful and very nice and polite!!! We had a great dinner and were able to relax knowing that our kids were being taken care of!


Molly and Pat Cronin

We used your service last year (Dec 2007) and Maggie came for a several hours over the course of a few days and she was wonderful! She was knowledgeable, kind and patient with our three young children and my husband and I really relished our time skiing together. Maggie was very helpful, the children enjoyed her and we appreciated every minute she was there. Care 4 Kids made it very easy for us - we will use the service again!

Thanks Care 4 Kids!

B. Hoeve

Hi Ryan
Linda was fantastic! She's a great lady and she was soo helpful. You are incredibly blessed to have such great employees. We are two for two with you and have been very impressed with your service! I will certainly give you glowing reviews and referrals.

Thanks again and thank Linda for us too!

Marianna Vaidman Stone

I just wanted to say thanks again for arranging Tina for us this past week. She was truly phenomenal. The kids loved her, she was totally willing to accommodate our requests, and she was very proactive in terms of offering to do stuff both with the kids and around the condo (ie, doing the dishes and the like). She really made the vacation much better than it would have been otherwise. We appreciate your help! Also, thank you for finding us Megan in the last minute on the busy Saturday night of Presidents Weekend. I didn't have much contact with her, but the little ones seemed happy, and it allowed the adults to have a nice, relaxed dinner with the family! And, btw, for a final compliment: I was impressed that you provided Tina with the workbooks and crayons. We didn't happen to need them, but it's a great idea.


I just wanted to let you know how fantastic Charlotte, Elise, & Katie were! All 7 kids had a blast! It was even better for my family because they all worked at the same day care facility that we were taking our kids to during the day. My son, Zach, has terrible separation anxiety, but it wasn't as bad when he recognized the faces from the night before. I did hear that Kate caught the nasty stomach bug from our family. We feel terrible and hope she is on the mend and not out of commission to long. Please feel free to use any or part of this as a testimonial.

Thanks again!

P. Marshall

Just a quick follow up. The boys had a good time with Glenn last week. He took them ice skating and he was very organized and responsible.... he even came prepared with games to play.

Thanks for your assistance.

Emily & Eric Jones

Thank you so much for sending Linda to us this weekend! Our son Keller enjoyed his time so much with her and his face lit up when he saw her come to the house for a second day! She was confident and comfortable around us all immediately and it really put our minds at ease. It was also GREAT that we got the same sitter for the two consecutive days because Keller was so comfortable with her and we didn't have to explain anything by the 2nd day! We will definitely be in touch on our vacation next year!!

Thanks again, and a big thanks to Linda too!

Danielle Griffin

We wanted to THANK YOU for sending us a FABULOUS babysitter for my nephew while we were staying out at The Ritz Carlton Club in Bachelors Gulch. Angelina was great with AJ and he so adored her. We had no worries and it was a great experience, I would highly recommend your services to anyone and we will be back again next year and plan to use you again- especially Angelina if she is still around!!!!

Carrie B. NYC

Thank you so much for all of your help in ensuring a very relaxing visit in Vail. You were so flexible in accommodating our needs. Although we were quite worried when our sitter ended up ill, we were amazed at how quickly you managed to fill the void. And with a great replacement. And despite a snow storm that immobilized most of the area, your sitter trudged through and showed up on time and ready to go. The kids enjoyed all of the sitters so much so, they were hanging on them begging them not to go when it was time to leave.

Thanks again and we will certainly recommend your service to everyone.

L. Brooks

Just wanted to let you know that we loved Megan this past week. The kids had a great time with her and she was wonderful to be around. I hope that she is still in Vail next year.

Thank you !!

L. Harris

Hi Ryan,
We had a great experience with Linda last weekend. Thank you for sending her our way. She was great with our daughter! We will be back in Beaver Creek on May 8 and 9 for my sister-in-law's wedding. I am hoping that Linda might be available to help us again.

I hope that Linda is available.

Thanks so much for all your help!

K. Hull

Our family visited Beaver Creek in late June. Your company provided child care services for our Edward Jones company function. Our four kids range in age from 3-9 years old and we were thrilled with your services from start to finish. The kids were happy, entertained, and safe.. I especially wanted to mention Linda. All of the providers were great but I took a business card and kept her name to let you know how kind and fun she was with the kids. It was great to be able to enjoy the function with my husband, knowing the kids were in good hands. I do hope Edward Jones will use your company in the future and I am passing this email to our Regional Leader so he has our feedback.

Dorie & Saras Agarwal

Care 4 Kids was an exceptionally professional, flexible and responsible babysitting service. We greatly appreciated the courteous, warm and caring babysitter (Jody) as well as working with the owner. This was a special weekend for us coming in from NYC for a wedding, and the experience of knowing that our 14 mo daughter was well taken care of made all the difference. With appreciation,

Dr. Doug and Eleanor Snyder

Thanks again for caring for our son Samuel last week, when we were in Vail. Sammy seemed to have a great time with you, and we loved having time alone together to go horseback riding. We commented on your excellent care in a feedback e-mail to the Vail Plaza Hotel and Club, and we suggested that they have a link to Care 4 Kids on their web-site. We would definitely use Care 4 Kids again in the future.

It was a great experience and one that I will happily repeat upon returning to Vail or recommend to friends who are vacationing there as well.

Thanks so very much!

Pam Johnston

I'm just checking to make sure that everything with my credit card went through. You guys were fabulous and I love all the necklaces and bracelets we received from the kids. I received many compliments from many of the parents about the babysitting!

If you haven't run my credit card yet, or if you could run it again, I would like to give you guys a tip for your services of $80 to be split evenly with all the sitters.

Thanks again and let me know if it is possible to run my card again!

Yasmin McCarthy

Just wanted to thank you for coordinating babysitting services for my son Aidan McCarthy in August 2007. We were very pleased with Denise's child care services. She was very friendly, responsible and caring to our family.I would highly recommend her to other parents. Hope we can access your services in the future.

Melody Higgins

Ashley was wonderful. The kids loved her and had a great time. In fact, didn't want her to leave! My boss asked me to see if she'd stay longer than planned so I could join the group for dinner and Ashley was very generous with her time by allowing me to do that and staying an extra 3 hours. Of course, the kids were thrilled to get to spend more time with her. I guess they did almost 6 hours of swimming - what a trooper she was to hang in there with that (I had mentioned my kids are fish and I guess they proved that - so sorry for her!) She took them into town a couple of times and they absolutely had a blast (and slept fabulously that night.)

Anyhow, everything went great. The experience was perfect and I'll absolutely utilize your company's service again if/when I come back to Vail.Thanks so much for your assistance and getting us such a great babysitter.And please pass on my thanks to Ashley again as well.

Take care!

Laura Myres

A belated thank you to you and our sitter Marian Christen. She watched our son over Memorial Day weekend when we went to a wedding and we could not be happier. Our son loved her, was talking about her for days, and she put us right as ease. It was our first time using any service and I would not hesitate to do it again. Thank you to Marian, what a great job!

Heather and Mitch

We just want to thank you again for your help during our ski vacation in Vail. We were there with another family and a total of five kids.

Our entire experience with your service was terrific. Your husband Ryan was responsive and organized when we inquired about childcare. Amy, you and your staff provided a great experience for all the kids when you cared for them in the evening.

We are especially grateful for the care you gave Max, our five year old, on several of the afternoons which gave my husband and me the chance to ski together. We would not have been able to do this if Max hadn't eagerly looked forward to his time with you. It is really incredible that someone with your teaching background is available to care for kids.

Now, our vacations in Vail will always include using your great service. It really makes it possible to get some time together when the kids are enthusiastic about the chance to spend some time with you.

Gratefully yours.

C. Luwisch

We used your babysitting service during our January 2008 ski trip to Vail. I just wanted to tell you how great the person that you sent was and how much our son loved her! I was hesitant to use someone we had never met before, but she couldn't have been more wonderful. Our son, 4 years old, who doesn't like having a babysitter on vacation was having so much fun with her that he told my husband and I that he wanted to stay with her while we went to dinner. (The original plan was for him to go to dinner with us). We would use your service again and highly recommend it to anyone considering it! Thanks!


Lynn and Kevin Smith - nWest Chester, Pennsylvania

Although we never met, I just wanted you to know a few things. Prior to coming to Vail, your service was recommended by our hotel when we inquired about babysitting. You don't know this but, my husband and I are always a bit reluctant to hire sitters we do not know--I think most parents are. It is also always shocking to swallow the fee...gulp...that you pay to the sitters/services. One of the 'things' that I wanted you to know is...your service and your sitters were worth every penny. It was not only a great experience for us, but for our children too.

I was impressed that both Bianca and Molly showed up to watch my children at separate times and brought things for them to do...books, games, etc. The sitters also took an instant interest in my children which was comforting. I was duly impressed that one of them even took my 20 month old daughter for a walk to the close by library for story time and interaction with other children. The other had to deal with my daughter's very difficult sleep schedule and illness and pulled it off like a pro. This same sitter befriended my 5 year old son in a flash - not the easiest task. Both sitters interacted with my children much the same way that I do on a daily basis. It was a perfect fit and I felt confident in them immediately. My husband and I were relaxed leaving our children in their care.

It was a great experience and one that I will happily repeat upon returning to Vail or recommend to friends who are vacationing there as well.

Thanks so very much!

P.S. I was also impressed at the work done on your part, to find someone to watch my daughter last minute. It was the only day that I skied and it was ever so appreciated. Look forward to talking with you again next season.

Judy Keiser - Pine Crest Father's Club | Ski Trip Planning Committee

My husband and I were the volunteer child care coordinators for the Kid's Night Out run by the Pine Crest Father's Club during our recent ski trip in Beaver Creek, Colorado. We contracted with Care 4 Kids, owned by Ryan and Amy Mahoney, to handle the evening's care for approximately 45 children from ages 4 through 12. The event was held in The Charter Resort, the hotel we were staying in. The hotel made a meeting room available, as well as dinner and movie facilities. Between 6 and 10 pm, kids could be signed in and out by parents, and eat dinner, play games, make crafts, and watch a movie with each other while their parents had a night out.

The staff of Care 4 Kids was a delight to work with, both before the event and during that evening. Ryan and Amy were available by phone to discuss plans, and they were very flexible as far as what they could offer for the price negotiated. They were responsive to my suggestions and requests, and always polite and pleasant.

At the event itself, the great service continued: the caregivers showed up early, with plenty of supplies and games, and name tags for the kids. There were plenty of adults, creating a good adult-kid ratio. There were male caregivers as well as females. And they handled the kids well, splitting them into small groups to do various activities, offering other activities, moving the evening along smoothly, and handling the small conflicts that arose. Ryan and Amy both helped set up, and Ryan stayed for the evening, assuring us of personal service.

Thanks so very much!

I would heartily recommend Care 4 Kids to any group needing child care in Beaver Creek, and I certainly recommend that when my school group returns to Beaver Creek, we request Care 4 Kids to handle our group child care needs again.

Caroline Huebner

In mid-March my family and I were in Vail on vacation when I was suddenly hospitalized for an extremely serious condition. I was later transferred to Denver where I was hospitalized for more than a week.

When I was first hospitalized in Vail I believe my brother, Dr. Matthew Torrington, called your service to arrange for a sitter to be with my children so that my husband could be with me. My understanding is that Nicole Frey was the angel that you sent to us!

From what I am able to piece together from accounts of various family members who came into Vail to help my husband, Nicole was a savior. She cared for our children and helped to keep life as simple and normal as possible given a very difficult situation. Honestly, I will never be able to thank you, and Nicole, enough for what she did to help care for my family during a time when I wasn't available.

Fortunately, my husband was able to get my children back home to Chicago at the end of our "vacation" and I am on the road to recovery after a very scary situation.

I certainly will be in touch next year when we are out in Vail and we need a sitter.

Many thanks.


Thanks for arranging Courtney to help me out the week before last. She was great and Daniel really enjoyed playing with her.


Matthew A. Torrington MD

Your service came through for our family in a huge way. When my sister suddenly suffered a life threatening illness and was hospitalized, Care 4 Kids was there. From over a thousand miles away, I was able to set up professional child care coverage for my sister within an hour of learning the news. The Care 4 Kids sitter not only was great with my niece and nephew, but she stayed the night and provided incredible support as my brother-in-law struggled with the biggest crisis in our family history. Care 4 Kids exceeded my expectations and provided amazing service when we needed it most. I would recommend Care 4 Kids without hesitation to anyone seeking high quality, professional child care.

Thanks Care 4 Kids. You rock!


I just wanted to thank you for arranging the two sitters for us while we were in Vail, they were both lovely and a big help. Apologies for the change in our plans and thanks for being so flexible!

All the best.

Amy Leap

Thank you for providing such a great caregiver to our little ones! My husband and I don't seem to have much adult together time with a 4 month old and an 18 month old. It was wonderful getting to ski together and know that are kids were happy and safe. Janna was a Godsend! Please thank her for us. We will be back in Vail in May and we look forward to using your services again.

Thank you so much.

Anne and Darren - Chicago

Thank you so much for arranging for Courtney to baby-sit for our two boys at the Ritz in Bachelor Gulch this past week. Both Gavin(4) and Griffen(2) loved her. We felt very secure leaving the boys in her care.

Donna and Clark

I wanted to tell you how much my husband and I appreciated the babysitters your service provided for us during our stay at Beaver Creek. When our babysitter backed out of our trip at the last minute we thought that our time skiing would be very limited. Not only did you come to our rescue, but the babysitters you sent us were wonderful. Natalie and Jamie(I can't recall last names) were so good with the kids and I even enjoyed getting to know them. They both were so mature and responsible. ( I think back when I was their age and can't believe I was that maturemost likely not!) Anyway, my husband and I were so impressed and wanted you to know that they were a fantastic representation of your company. If we could have figured a way to bring them home with us....we would have. We miss them already.

Thank you again for hiring great quality sitters. It sure makes it easier on the parents when we have to kiss our little ones goodbye for the evening.

Alex - Boston

Thank you for providing us with sitters for our recent stay at Beaver Creek. One particular sitter stands out -- Ryan Donelson. He was great with our three girls; creative, kind and willing to help. He's a great asset to your team, and we look forward to using him next season. Thanks again!


We had Laureen as the first babysitter from your service and I wanted to tell you she was so fabulous. I really, really, really, really liked her. She did such a good job. I thought it would be nice to call and let you know how good she was. She was above and beyond what I ever expected which I love and actually need. We are regulars here and will definitely be calling you back. I look forward to using your service in the future.


Hope all is going well with you and your new little one. We have returned to NY after having such a great time in Vail. I just wanted to drop you a short email to say how fantastic the sitters were. Linda was amazing and very professional, she made us feel very comfortable with her right from the start. It's very clear she loves children and they love her! My husband and I were able to completely enjoy our time there with absolutely no concerns about whether Jack was in good hands or not.

Thanks for everything! Hope you guys are getting some rest :)


Thanks!!! I cannot believe you are so organized from Boston! Seriously, you guys are miracle workers. I want to know every detail of the experience - birth, joy, exhaustion, tears, politics, etc!!

I will definitely be here in the summer. Can't wait to catch up then.


Amy was GREAT and did an excellent job. She was paid directly. Thank you for once again very good service.


Got the vmail re: tomorrow starting at 9:30 am. Awesome! I didn't want to call back this late as I wasn't sure if the phone would ring somewhere and bother you


we're delighted, as always, with your amazing service. Thanks so much! Happy New Year (almost)!


Thanks for the invoice, looks good.

We were very pleased with everything, the parents really liked Bridget and so if they're happy, so am I! Thanks so much for all your help, hopefully we can work with you again when we have another group in your area.

Lisa Vallier

I just wanted to send you a note letting you know how much I appreciate your flexibility and patience during our recent stay in Vail. Keegan was phenomenal. She arrived with a bag of toys and my kids were immediately taken with her. She was very professional and wonderfully playful with the kids. It truly made my vacation to have a sitter I felt I could trust. If you ever need a reference please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Heather Huffman

I just wanted to say thanks for the great service on the 8th. Everyone LOVED the sitters. They were wonderful.


Thanks for hooking us up last weekend. Jamie was fabulous. Just when I think we've had the best sitter ever, in comes another excellent one! Thank you also for the discount.

Thank you again for your help in arranging such great people to take care of the babies.

Nanci Tucker

Just a quick note to thank you for providing Courtney for my kids last week. She obviously is talented and caring and did a fabulous job playing with my 2 children and making us feel comfortable about leaving them in her care. We also had a great time fly-fishing!

We also appreciated your prompt response and follow-through on all the details. When in Beaver Creek, we will definitely call you again and/or recommend your company. Thanks again!

Mary and Karl - Colorado

We love Care 4 Kids! They accommodate us even when we come up with last minute plans. All the sitters have been very professional, responsible and friendly. Most of all, our 6 month old has liked everyone. I am reluctant to write this testimonial because we feel Care 4 Kids is our best kept secret.

Deanne - Englewood, Colorado

Hope was fabulous. Both boys loved her. She came on time and prepared to swim. She was just wonderful. I think it is important that I let you know how you and the people you are hiring are doing. Thanks for the babysitter and we will call you again next time we come to Vail.

Joseph (Attorney at Law) - Colorado

Care 4 Kids truly made our stay a relaxing one. As parents, our number one concern is our children. We ski with them in the morning, but they are always too tired to ski in the afternoon, so we need to drop them with a sitter so we can get out. We quickly realized that after leaving our kids with Care 4 Kids in the afternoon, we didn't worry about their well being, having found them again and again safe and in good spirits when we returned from the slopes.

Ed and Lori - Pennsylvania

How can we thank you for such a wonderful job on our vacation. The ability to be away and then have your kids happy when you leave was unbelievable. Not only do you run a professional and accountable organization but you truly cared about our kids. How many times do we have babysitters who watch TV when we leave? You were the opposite, taking the kids skiing and snowshoeing and always creating avenues of fun activities. No doubt our next trip you are our first call! We look forward in seeing you when we return!!


When seeking a sitter, we often call the best hotel in town and ask the concierge who he would recommend. Through this means we learned about Care 4 Kids. They provided a wonderful sitter for our children. What a treat to be able to call Care 4 Kids and get a high quality sitter that the kids just loved. She even brought a small project for them to complete together. Thanks Ryan!

Tom and Kim, (Four children ages 2 to 9 years old)

Just a note to let everyone know, that Care 4 Kids babysitting service is absolutely TERRIFIC!!! Our kids had a wonderful time. We felt very comfortable leaving our children in their care. We will definitely be using Care 4 Kids on our future trips to Colorado.

Jennifer and Doug

Thank you both so much for all of your help last weekend. We are incredibly impressed with you and your agency. Lisa was amazing....our girls miss her and her fun games already. She was friendly, responsive, punctual, and completely in control. We hope to keep in touch and return to Vail in the near future! Thank you again.

Brooke - Illinois

Greetings from Chicago. Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed working with you and Sandy. We had a wonderful visit to Vail (as usual), and you and Sandy were an important part of our enjoyment. When we return to Vail this summer, we will certainly phone you for babysitting assistance!


I wanted to drop an email and commend you on a great service that you provide. Last week, we were at the Ritz Carlton at Bachelors Gulch. Amy and Lisa sat with both my children and were excellent!!! My children loved them and I felt so secure leaving them alone with both Amy and Lisa.


I just wanted to let you know that my boss was thrilled with Katie. The girls really liked her and Bob and Lisa were very pleased with the service. I will definitely recommend you guys in the future. Thanks for being so great to work with.


Thank you for making this week happen for the two families!!!! You saved me this weekend and I really appreciate it.

Megan Healey

I wanted to thank you (belatedly) for your flexibility in moving around schedules so that my family could have the same sitter for the 5 days we were in Beaver Creek, and to compliment you on choosing such excellent people.

Blake was a wonderful addition to our family, and made the week so much more fun for all of us. He was superhumanly patient with my 14-month old daughter's separation anxiety, and made the time she spent at home while we were skiing so much fun for her. He was very gentle, and exceedingly calm, and Becca quickly warmed up to him (high praise indeed!).

My four-year old son, naturally, LOVED him, and Blake endured what I know from experience to be endless rounds of hide and seek with good grace.He was very flexible and cheerfully responsive to our often-changing plans, and so frequently came up with great solutions to keep one or the other of our kids busy and happy when we had run out of ideas that I lost count. He was truly a delight to have with us for the week, and helped make the vacation more fun, and more relaxing, that we could have hoped.

You re fortunate to have such a great guy, and we look forward to using your service again next year.

Brandy Hoeve

Brittany was fantastic! Thank you so much for your help.


I am so happy to know that there is a company like yours that I can highly recommend to my guests so they can enjoy the wedding reception without worry!

Leigh Lowrance

I just wanted to thank you all for providing a wonderful babysitter to watch our two boys while we stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch last December. She was very sweet and arrived with a bag of toys and games to entertain the boys. We are planning another visit this December and will bringing another couple and their two boys. We definitely plan to use your company while we are there. Thank you again for providing this wonderful service.

Tracy P.

I am writing to tell you how pleased we were with your services. I was very leary at first with having a complete stranger babysit our children. We were vacationing in Beaver Creek with some friends and their children. Our babysitter sat for us twice. She sat for a 4 yr old, 5 yr old, 6 yr old and a two year old. Needless to say she had her hands. The kids loved her. She was prompt and extremely courteous. She was very interactive with children.

We will definitely use Care 4 Kids on our next trip.

Andrew Prusky

We were very pleased with the sitter we had on our trip to Beaver Creek last year and if we take another trip, we will be sure to keep your company in mind. Thank you.

Jen Anderson

When rebooking: "We loved our sitter this summer if she is available- she handled all 4 kids wonderfully and they loved her.

Azeez Farooki

Linda was great with our 4 month old son. She is caring, qualified and very competent.

Highly recommend her to other parents.


We absolutely loved our experience with Care 4 Kids. Cindy stayed with our 6 week old and my mother during our evening at a wedding. She was prompt, personable, sweet, and professional. We're hoping to hire her again.

Christina W

Just want to let you know that I LOVED Suzi! She was awesome! She is now our new favorite ( next to Amy, of course!) Can we request her for Wed and Fri?

Ally Abbasi

Linda Foley was absolutely wonderful!! I would highly recommend her to anyone with any age child. I have a 3 month old infant and two active older children (8 and 6 years old). My older children just loved to spend time with her -- she kept them busy and very happy. They also learned a great deal of fun facts about Colorado since Linda knows so much about the area. My husband and I enjoyed relaxed date nights and family time with our older children while Linda cared for our infant. I would never leave my infant with someone unless I felt they were going to care for my baby as I would. Linda made me feel that comfortable and took such great care of my baby! I am already planning my return and hope to reserve Linda to care for our children again. THANK YOU LINDA!

Linda Levine

I am now back in LA and I just wanted to let you know just how happy and impressed we were with Andrea. She could not have been more perfect. When it comes to your children (grand-children) you are so overprotective. She made us feel comfortable from the moment we met. The fact that she walked into the job with toys that were so appropriate (ones we have and love) the kids liked her from the first hello.In any event, too many times in life we are so quick to tell people who provide services the negatives, that I wanted to take the time and give you the positives.You really made our trip that much better. Thank You!!!!!

Laura Holgate

Hi Ryan, It was surely a pleasure working with you for our vacation this summer. I have a special needs son who was completely comfortable with Susi! My youngest daughter thoroughly enjoyed coloring and playing with Susi as well. My husband and I were very impressed with the quality of person she was...the condo was picked up and dishes were done when we got in...we felt very fortunate to have met her and plan to come back this winter at which time we would want Susi again. She is a top notch person! The Holgates...Nicolas, Lexi, Maggie, Bill and Laura

Maura Jones

We recently used Laura for 3 nights in a row! She was friendly and our son loved her. We were on a tight schedule and literally checked into the hotel minutes before Laura arrived to sit for our son and the transition was seamless! We use a lot of nanny services while traveling and Care4Kids ranks up at the top!!

Karen Chin

Thanks you so much for your help on our day! Everyone loved you, and I had plenty of parents who have never used a babysitter before and they ended up using you for the night as well. My maid of honor even mentioned that if she could find a sitter like yours she would definatly entertain a babysitter for herself in the future. Thanks so much!

Dani R.

Everything was great! Cindy was very nice!

April M.

I did something in Vail I never thought I would do - EVER! I hired a babysitter recommended from the concierge to watch my kids while we went out for dinner. Typically when traveling with the kids we select hotels or resorts the offer Kids Clubs. The oversight and activities provided in typical Kids Clubs are part of our vacation the kids talk about when we get home, this getaway turned out a little different.

When we decided to head to Vail for a quick fall foliage trip we selected Vail Cascade Resort for a couple of reasons but a primary one was they offered "KidVenture at Vail Cascade" which we thought would be perfect. However, when we got there "KidVenture at Vail Cascade" was closed for the season. My contact at the hotel suggested I go to the concierge and they could recommend a sitter. Again, I have never hired a sitter at a hotel before and didn't know how I would ever trust leaving the kids with a sitter I didn't know - a point my son also pointed out.

I reluctantly went and got the babysitting brochure the concierge offered and she also told me guest staying at the property had been very pleased with this service. The company is called Care4kids, so I went back to our room, got online and started researching them, their service, how they did their background checks, qualification's etc. Once I was satisfied with my online research I called Ryan one of the owners from Care4kids, interviewed him and ultimately decided I was comfortable enough to hire a sitter for the evening and potentially the next evening - if things went well. Ryan explained the process and mentioned Megan our sitter had sat several times with kids at Vail Cascade so she was very familiar with the property and they would be guaranteed a great time.

Promptly at 5:30pm Megan arrived and was introduced to the kids, ran through her paper work with me, asked us several great questions regarding caring for the kids (which made me feel so much better.) Then off my husband and I went for an evening out with friends! The evening was great and when we got back the kids we sad to see us back so we booked Megan for the next evening.

Night two and the kids wanted a little more adventure and asked if while we were out they could go to Pazzo's for pizza and then go for ice cream. We agreed and everyone departed for an evening out with old and new friends. We had a great time and Vail Village has some wonderful restaurants, but we had to call it a night early as we had to catch a transfer to the airport early the morning. We bid farewell to our friends and went back to find our room empty and the kids still "out on the town" with Megan. We called to let them know we were back and she informed us that they were getting on a shuttle and would be back shortly. Once back the kids couldn't stop chatting about all of their adventures, what they had to eat and asked if they really have to leave tomorrow. fun was had by all!!!

I have to say I was extremely impressed with Care4Kids and the quality of sitter they provided for my children. We will still continue to look for resorts and hotels with Kids Clubs, but if a property we ultimately decided to stay at didn't have one I will definitly look into having a sitter come to the hotel.

Melissa, Chris, Cullem & Maya Ciocian.

How can there be enough ways to say thank you to each and every person who came thogether to make Jume 10th an amazing day to remember? Every person who will read this, in one way or another has my families sincere gratitude.

Your act of kindness helped create a fundraiser that exceeded all of our espections. The sun was out; the kids were enjoying the day; we all listened to great music; ate deliscious food supplied by Marko's, Full Belly, Moe'sBBQ. Zacca Za, Pazzo's & Ti Amo; and celebrated until midnight. The silent auction was brimming with over 100 items. Thank you! My daughter also turned one that day which made the gathering that much more special.

The way this community has embraced us is something we will never forget. Because of people like you, this valley is just the place chris and I have decided to raise our family.

No one ever expects to find themselves in this kind of situation, but to have this kind of support through such trying times makes the low moments few and far between. Thank you all so much for helping me and my family get back on our feet. We are humbuled and more appreciative than words can say.


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Thanks for arranging Courtney to help me out the week before last. She was great and Daniel really enjoyed playing with her.

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