$39/ hour
$2 per additional child
  • 4 hour minimum
  • $39 per hour. $2 per additional child (2 children = $41per hour)
  • $20 last minute fee if you need a sitter within 2 hours.
  • Holiday pricing
    July 3-4th$45/hour + $5 each addl. child
    Christmas Eve & Day $53/hour + $5 each addl. child
    Thanksgiving $53/hour + $5 each addl. child
    Valentine's Night$53/hour + $5 each addl. child
    New Year's Eve$63/hour + $5 each addl. child, 5 hour min.
    New Year's Day$53/hour + $5 each addl. child, 5 hour min.
  • Different pricing may exist on other holidays based on the current supply of sitters at the time, e.g. "Easter". Please check ahead of time.
  • Full payment goes directly to the sitter upon completion.
  • The current pricing already has a discount built in for cash or check payment. Credit card payments will be adjusted properly.
  • Customer is responsible for sitter's parking fees if applicable, and a $5 valet tip.
  • Some sitters can swipe credit cards on site through Square.
  • Some sitters accept Zelle and Venmo.


  • Credit card details are taken to start the process of reserving the best sitter to fit your schedule and needs.
  • There is no charge or setup fee when booking a sitter.
  • Your reservation may be nonrefundable at the time of the booking.
  • Cancellations made within 48 hours of a reservation incur a full charge.
  • Holiday reservations cancelled within 7 days of the start time incur a full charge.
  • The above mentioned cancelation policies include cancelation due to sickness and all other reasons.
  • For multiple bookings, the minimum hours required and cancellation policy will vary. See "Flex Time" below.
  • If the kids are 3 years old or younger the child to sitter ratio is 2-1.
  • 4 kids maximum per sitter (flexible depending on ages.)
  • Insurance policies prevent our sitters from driving children. Public transportation is allowed.
Flex Time
  • "Flex Time" allows you to cancel 1 hour per 8 hours booked at no cost.
  • "Flex Time" is available only if you are requesting the same sitter for multiple segments, and you must book that sitter for approximately 24 hours or greater.
  • When "Flex Time" is in effect the normal 48 hour cancellation policy is not in effect.
  • Example: If you have 24 hours reserved with the same sitter, this allows you 3 hours of "Flex Time" to cancel from your reservation at no cost. The minimum charge would be for 21 hours, nonrefundable.
  • Once a credit card has been given to hold a sitter, this policy is in effect as scheduling begins right away.
  • We would like to provide some flexibility to you and we need to guarantee a full work week to the sitter, so we offer "Flex Time" as a benefit to both parties


  • Your sitter will arrive with a release form which must be signed & dated before you leave.
    Click here to view/print the 'Release Form' (PDF 158k)
    Click here to view/print the '0-3 years Info Form' (PDF 90k)
  • Click here to view/print the 'Feedback and Accident Form' (PDF 20k)
  • Please do not solicit our sitters to sit for you on the side as they are under contract with us not to do so. Any additional bookings must be made through Care 4 Kids or your hotel concierge.
  • Disclose any illness or special needs upon booking. Check the children's good health upon returning and fill out the release form appropriately.
Travel Insurance
  • We recommend travel insurance for your protection. If you carry travel insurance please make sure reserved childcare is covered in the policy.
  • Altered or canceled reservations, with in 48 hours of the start time, due to flight delays, sickness, injuries and other reasons are subject to full payment.

Sick & COVID 19 Policy

Masks are currently not required. Due to the continued uncertainty, check in your confirmation email for details relating your particular reservation. We do not serve sick children. During flu season we experience an increase of requests for babysitters. More families may avoid group childcare or a nursery setting in order to lessen the risks of illness during their vacation. We have the following precautions in order to promote our commitment to good health for your family and our sitters.

Care 4 Kids Precautions
  • We are encourage all sitters to get the Covid and seasonal flu vaccine but it is optional. We ask all non-vaccinated sitters and customers to please wear a mask during service.
  • We will disclose any illnesses in your party to all potential sitters prior to confirming a reservation and leave the choice to accept or decline to the sitters.
  • Unfortunately, we may not be able to fill requests when there is an illness in your family as we need to protect the wellness of our sitters and other clientele.
  • If our sitter or children for whom one of our sitters has recently babysat has contagious symptoms, we will put that sitter on hold status. We will not utilize their services if we suspect they have anything contagious.
  • We have a strict policy with our sitters to alert us if they are not well.
  • If we become aware that your scheduled sitter has or been exposed to any illness, we will disclose it to you and let you decide if you would like to change sitters.
Information for Parents:
  • Upon making a booking directly with a Care 4 Kids agent you may be asked if the children or anyone residing at your location has any Covid or flu like symptoms.
  • Not disclosing any Covid or flu like symptoms of anyone in your traveling party to the concierge or booking agent may result in the remainder of your reservations being cancelled with out a refund.
  • Our sitters reserve the right to leave upon arrival with full pay if Covid or flu like symptoms are apparent in anyone residing at the accommodation and were not disclosed upon booking. Our sitters have been instructed to contact us immediately if this situation arises.
If my sitter becomes ill
  • If you have a booking for multiple days with the same sitter and that sitter becomes ill, we will replace him/her. Due to time and availability, we may have to adjust the reservation with multiple sitters.


We will follow up with a personal confirmation of your booking.

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Thanks for arranging Courtney to help me out the week before last. She was great and Daniel really enjoyed playing with her.

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